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rCup Family Combo Pack

rCup Family Combo Pack


As we have repeat customers coming back to order a second and a third rCup and so on we have created the Family Combo pack. You can now get two 12oz and two 8oz cups for one great price. Here's some of the benefits of the rCup. 

  • Spill proof.
  • Insulated.
  • Have a 360 degree drinking top.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Allow aroma to circulate whilst you drink.
  • Have a one-handed easy open and close action.

The outer layer is created from paper coffee cups. Purchasing one rCup diverts 6 cups from going to landfill and all before you begin to use your new rCup instead of single use takeout cups. 

Cup Size


227 ml / 8 0z


340 ml / 12 oz


8oz colour options: Black & Pink, Black & Teal, Cream & Black, Cream & Teal.

12oz colour options: Black & Mustard, Black & Teal, Cream & Green, Cream & Teal.

Let us know which colours you want at checkout!

Product info:

  • Clean after each use to maintain leakproof seal.
  • If steam builds up loosen the lid to allow relieve the pressure build up.
  • Do not microwave.