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Natural, Functional, Loved.

Based in Ireland. We are a small team that is obsessed with quality goods. Pieces that give you pleasure to touch, to display and most importantly that serve a purpose. 

Orange Complex was born from a belief that living habits and environments are changing. Modern life is taking a step back from quick buys and is choosing to focus on things that bring true utility and joy. 

We believe wholeheartedly that life is about experiences and sometimes clutter and thoughtless purchases can get in the way of that. Throughout your journey you should collect items that you have genuinely considered, considered whether you will use this item, will it last, will you love it. We look for items that can evolve their purpose to suit life as it progresses. Products that have multiple functions and the ability to be customised to meet individual tastes. We champion the naturally durable products that will last you for years on end. 

We are Orange Complex. We welcome you to our store.

Orange Complex